The Return of Carpool

In the year 2005, Carpool took the world by storm. They were called a global phenomenon, a comedy powerhouse and the Beatles of copyright infringing YouTube videos. They had a huge dedicated following of fans world-wide and it seemed they would be around forever.

But where did they go? How did it end? And will they ever return? This documentary contains exclusive interviews with the three men behind Carpool, their reasons for breaking up the team and begs the question; will they ever return to the internet? Yes, they will. Or will they? Probably.

Cast and Crew

David Morgan-Brown
Cast, writer, director.
Brett Jones
Cast, editing, camera.
Michael Butcher
Cast, editing, camera.
Aiden Thomas
Narration, Carpool fan
Caitlin Clough
Additional camerawork
Jessica Jones
Additional camerawork
Stephen Jones
Additional Equipment